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Friday, January 24, 2014

The good, bad, and ugly. But mostly good.

So maybe I'm already off to a bad start as far as consistent articles but thats ok because today makes up for it in many ways. The main thing is today was the 30th anniversary of the Mac. It's purely amazing where we have come from just in that part of tech development.  In my last post I wrote just about the then and now. This is similar, sort of. The first thing I will get tagged with over time is being a Apple fan-boy. Sure, I'll take the hit, proudly. I would also remind anyone of how I've always been the Call for Help (pun intended) for any family members tech woes. For those that missed the pun, "Call for Help" is an old TechTV show I used to watch as a kid back when a 100 MB file download was just plain crazy.

Back on subject, again. The tech advances just blow me away. Its mind boggling sometimes. There is a new rumor floating about the future iPhone 6. One theory jumped out at me because it is only about 5-8mm thin.
Yeah, I used Apple's cute description technique on that only because 8mm think just sounded weird. I remember when the Motorola Razr was first advertised and I said I would be afraid of breaking the phone. 10 or so years later I didn't expect to see a rumored phone be so thin you could practically see through it. I wouldn't want to sneeze while on the phone. It would probably turn to pixie dust and float back to Apple HQ. Wait, I forgot no one uses the phone function on their PHONE anymore! That was certainly unexpected.

We can do absolutely everything ever needed or thought of being needed on our smartphones now. It blows my mind when I read through my magazines for phone cases with credit card readers and detachable professional grade camera lenses. The quality of the small dot on the back of my phone is exponentially better than the professional digital SLR camera , 5 years ago, I spent $2500 on between the different pieces needed for a good setup for weddings and such. Keep in mind that all of that was my tools to attempt to make a career out of a hobby and passion. Now, like everyone else, in my pocket is the very device that crushed that dream. Why would a couple hire a pro photographer for their wedding when a fried that "takes good pictures" can just do it with their phone.

I try not to write my articles too run-out but this one could go on for ever. The tech world is ever-changing and going great. It also has it's failures, usually in the business end of it all. New Technology can evolve us and crush us all in the same "great new product release." What are you doing to balance the scales?

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