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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The first post of a revolution of Tech...

Okay so here's the story: There really isn't one. I have always wanted to publish my own version of my slice of the internet where I plant my knowledge so, here it is!

This first post is just a raw version of what fell out of my head and onto my keyboard. Typically, I will actually plan out and put more thought into my random thoughts. Wait... Be proud that you are one of the few that read the first post of a revolutionary change to the tech world. As a small intro, my name is Rodney Conner. In  the professional world I am a correctional officer, in the amateur world I am a aspiring tech writer. Speaking of amateur, I am a HAM (amateur) radio operator too. I have 3 children who will one day read this blog and pat me on the back, or smack me.

As I sit here this evening, hours before the clock turns to 12 am 1/1/2014, I am listening to a review of the amazing feats of 2013... blah. However this got me thinking as they were talking about the recent release of the latest Apple iPhones. Do you ever stop and appreciate the amazing accomplishments we have made in the world of technology? That phone, tablet, smart TV, high-end laptop, etc. that you are reading this on was a hidden dream 10 years ago when we were crazed over our flip phones that we could pay 10 cents to send a "can't talk, pooping." text. Now, practically everyone has a smartphone and knows the newly coined words: hashtag, selfie, photobomb, and tweet. There are more but this is supposed to be a tech blog, not a self-awareness group.

On the positive side of our accomplishments, we have also gained the ability to stay connected with long lost friends, out-of-state relatives, and the ex from high school that you miss. Ten years ago we could videotape our selves and mail the tape to our family just to say hi. Yes, I said tape. Now, we can use video chat software to tell your grandma hi from 1000 miles away, live. Yes, I said live. Notice the difference? We continue to make historical inventions to change the world. I'm sure some may be yelling at me saying video chat was existed in 2003. Yes it did, but it usually involved a lot of money and a fast internet connection, which was still not affordable for many.

Okay, so I have already got off topic, but writing a raw copy will cause that. Watching TV while writing doesn't help either. The moral of this first post: be ready to read about revolutionary changes to the world right here. As I continue to evolve and develop my skills and audience, I plan to make it great! I have an ultimate goal of this right here providing for my family. What could be better than staying home with family and watching them grow. Heres' to a great 2014! God bless!

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